Medis Masks

3 Ply Surgical Masks

Product Supplier
Surgical Mask Medis Enterprises (Pty)Ltd

Evaluation Summary

The face masks supplied comply with standard mask of surgical face masks specifications described in SANS 1866:2008 and SANS 1866 - 1:2018 according to the critical testing criteria.

Title Remarks
Standard mask
Absorption rate, SANS 1866:2008 Pass
Sodium chloride Penetration, SANS 1866:2008 Pass
Differential pressure, SANS 1866 - 1:2018 Pass
Flammability, SANS 1866 - 1:2018 Pass

Test Condition Summary

Samples were tested according to SANS 1866:2008 and SANS 1866 - 1:2018

Par Item Evaluation
SANS 1866:2008 § 4.1 Penetration and differential pressure Secure sample on a disc with a diameter of 76 mm. Mesure sodium chloride penetration and defferential pressure at 30 l/min
SANS 1866 - 1:2018 § 5.2.5 Flammability All parts of the respiratory should self-extinguish within 5 seconds after it passed through the flame

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